Fresh off historic victories in the 2019 election, and just ten months from the pivotal 2020 election, there is still much work to be done in Chester County to turn the Blue Wave into a Blue Tsunami. On the front lines of this effort are a group of 44 individuals – Kennett Area Democrats’ (KAD) Committee People.

CPs are elected or appointed (to fill vacancies) in each precinct as boots on the ground to promote Democratic values through the election of qualified, progressive candidates to local, state and national offices. KAD encompasses ten municipalities, split into 22 precincts. Each precinct is represented by two CPs serving on a volunteer basis for a 4-year term.

The 2019 race was the first election cycle for four of the Committee People. For many, they wanted to channel their pessimism with the state of the nation and take personal accountability for political change. Mary Fahner-Short had been working with KAD for several years, before signing on as a Committee Person when her predecessor stepped down. Ruthie Kranz-Carl and Andrew Lewis were both recruited by sitting CPs, in part due to their previous campaigning experience. Lucy Oblonsky was active as a Newlin resident with that precinct’s CPs before moving to Pennsbury and filling one of the two vacant CP slots in her new neighborhood.

CPs have many responsibilities, including helping to get out the vote and staffing polling places on election day. For Andrew Lewis, seeing first-time voters arrive to cast their ballots in the 2019 election was one of his most rewarding experiences to date.

All of the CPs know the importance of maintaining the momentum Chester County has seen in recent years and using that energy to recruit volunteers heading into 2020. There are so many ways a resident can get involved; whether a volunteer is knocking on every door in the neighborhood or driving the canvassers for literature drops, each role is equally important and worthwhile.

While some CPs live in precincts where Republicans represent the majority of registered voters, many are encouraged that some conservative neighbors appear to be persuadable and are open to learning more about moderate Democratic candidates. The strategy for canvassing this year is multi-faceted: provide relevant and timely information to Democrats, engage in targeted outreach to Independents, and understand where opportunities exist to turn registered Republicans into Democratic votes.  Building a genuine rapport with neighbors of all stripes now is critical to success at the polls in November.

Ruthie Kranz-Carl stresses that “words cannot express how much is at stake” in the 2020 election.  Pennsylvania is a battleground for evicting Trump from the White House and maintaining a Democratic majority in the U.S. House of Republicans; it is just as much a battleground for turning the state legislature from Red to Blue.

And KAD’s Committee People are ready for the fight…come join us!

mary ruthie and lucy

Mary, Ruthie and Lucy



Welcome to our graduating freshman class of Committee People; congratulations for a job well done!  Mary Fahner-Short (Pennsbury North 2 – 454), Ruthie Kranz-Carl (East Marlborough West – 360), Andrew Lewis (New Garden North – 385) and Lucy Oblonsky (Pennsbury South 2 – 457).  

In addition, welcome to our newest class; we are looking forward to working towards success with you in 2020.  Gonzalo Cano (Avondale – 010), Carol Haaf (Pocopson – 530), Sharon Hanrahan (Pennsbury South 2 – 457), Lorenzo Merino (Kennett Square North – 305), Georgette Siegel (Pennsbury North 1 – 453) and Peter Waterkotte (Kennett Square North – 305). 

You can find contact information for all of KAD’s Committee People by visiting  If you are interested in becoming a Committee Person, please contact KAD at