View From the Chair

2020: GAME ON!


For all of you itching to defeat Donald Trump: SADDLE UP! The 2020 campaign has begun!

We are creating the precinct teams RIGHT NOW that will form the backbone of our 2020 ground game.

We’re looking for 10 people in each of our 22 precincts to sign up for canvassing and phone banking. (Don’t worry: neither task is as scary as you might think; we’ll provide training and pair you with experienced volunteers who will mentor you.)

Here’s how it works:

1)    Reply to this email so we can connect you with your precinct committee people.

2)    We’ll be having orientation/training sessions at campaign headquarters throughout the month of September.

3)    Your team will do the canvassing and phone banking in your precinct for this year’s election beginning now through Election Day on November 5th.

4)    Your work this year will make you an experienced veteran for the 2020 campaign when we’ll need to double the size of our precinct teams.

BOTTOM LINE: We need to get organized right now if we are going to hit the ground running next year and win the Presidency 14 months from today. If I have to deliver this message next September, we will have already lost the election.

So please contact me RIGHT NOW.

I don’t have to tell you that defeat is not an option. It’s time to check your fears at the door, move outside your comfort zone, and push yourself farther than ever before.

The America we love depends on it.

Wayne Braffman, Chair
Kennett Area Democrats
(484) 732-8587