15-4-04 Avondale, Franklin, London Britain, London Grove, New Garden, West Grove, West Marlborough (Dem zones 3, 8)

Bobby Brown (endorsed by CCDC)

Bobby Brown’s family has lived in the West Grove area for over 100 years. For the last 40 years, he has worked for Hewlett Packard (Avondale), Synthes (West Chester), Johnson & Johnson (West Chester), and other manufacturers. He is currently a Manufacturing Supervisor with Bloom Energy, a renewable energy company in Newark DE. Talented team members have enhanced his coaching, mentoring, and leadership skills. As a Pennsylvania State Constable for over 14 years, he saw that many times, people experiencing difficult times need someone to provide guidance and show compassion. He is seeking the position of Magisterial District Justice to champion change and expand diversity. If one person on the bench can influence others to further their education, get involved with their community, and be a part of the solution, this change could help bring a new beginning for many. As Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “We need leaders not in love with money, but in love with justice.”

Bobby Brown’s:


Every odd year, we vote on 1/3 of the 17 Magisterial District Judge seats in the County plus any vacancies that are to be filled. For all Magisterial District Judge territories, see here.

The Magisterial District Judges are part of the unified judicial system of the Pennsylvania court system. Each MDJ is elected to a 6-year term of office and holds hearings on the following:

  • Summary cases (both traffic and non-traffic related matters)
  • Civil and Landlord/Tenant cases not exceeding $12,000
  • Criminal cases
  • Preliminary Hearings on misdemeanor and felony cases

For more about MDJ duties, see the County site.  See other judicial positions on the ballot here. Info on 2021 candidates will be added to as we receive updates. CCDC endorsements are from the Feb. 16 endorsement convention; candiates do not need to be endorsed to appear on the primary ballot. Judicial candidates are allowed to cross-file, meaning that some candidates appearing on the Dem primary ballot may not be Dems.