Dear Friend,

We had historic wins in 2017 through 2019. We took back the House and Senate in 2020, and made major gains in 2021. So, this is a time to rejoice in our wins and then…keep going, there is no stopping us now!

We share in the value we place on: Family, Fairness, Freedom, and the Future. And we have elected officials who are working hard to support these core values.

And yet, the opposition continues to thwart our efforts to support our families in need, to provide a cleaner environment, equitable education, housing and healthcare, and criminal justice reform. The Republicans in Harrisburg are attempting to put up barriers making it more difficult to vote, while working to draw district lines to benefit their party.

Rolling into the 2022 elections the stakes are high as we select a new US Senator, US Congressperson(s), Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, and our State House Representatives. I can assure you that our candidates will promote legislation that supports our core values of Family, Fairness, Freedom, and the Future.

As the year comes to an end, follow the redistricting trail. Attend meetings, make comments on the congressional districts, and stay tuned.

We have the power in numbers to deliver on Election Day in 2022. By coming together we can:

Build back compassion
Build back civility
Build back respect
Build back generosity
Build back community
Build back wisdom
Build back leadership
Build Back Better

Many warm wishes as you ring in the new year with hope and a ‘Yes We Can’ attitude.


Carol Catanese
KAD Chair
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P.S. My phone line is always open so feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.