Simply put, winning elections comes down to (1) persuading people that your candidate is better than the opponent and then (2) motivating them to actually vote.

It’s the candidate’s job to persuade people to vote for them by creating and communicating a winning platform and image. On occasion, you will find yourself in position to influence someone’s vote, but your ability to do so will largely depend upon the tools the candidate has given you.

Where you can really shine, though, is in motivating people to go to the polls and vote.

Research tells us that people are most likely to respond positively to messages from people they know, trust, respect or with whom they have something in common. Living in the same neighborhood, precinct or town is one of those things you share with our target voters.

Knocking on someone’s door and saying, ‘Hi…my name is Wayne and I’m your neighbor over on East South Street’ is incredibly powerful. The person answering the door immediately switches from ‘Protect My Castle’ mode to ‘Gracious Host’ mode. Most importantly for us, this means they will actively listen to and consider what you have to say.

A face-to-face conversation is the most powerful political interaction you can have, but it’s not the only one. Those of us who don’t feel comfortable knocking on doors can deliver the same message by phone. Not comfortable cold-calling someone? You can write a letter. In each case, the ‘Hi…I’m your neighbor’ approach will work its magic.

And that is why volunteering to serve on your KAD precinct team is so important. We create the best opportunity to win when we have a group of volunteers from the same local area who already know many of the voters. This is where elections are won and lost…one precinct at a time.

We in KAD are responsible for 22 Chester County precincts. Have you joined your precinct team yet? If not, here’s the link you can use to contact your precinct committee person right now:


Please don’t wait. November 5th is only 4 months away and we need to hit the ground running when we open our campaign headquarters in September!

Wayne Braffman, Chair