A great week for Democrats

The week of June 22 will go down in history as a great week for Democrats, a great week for Pennsylvanians and a great week for our country. On Thursday, June 25, PA’s Commonwealth Court judged as unconstitutional a controversial law, supported strongly by the National Rifle Association, that allowed any legal gun owner to sue Philadelphia and other municipalities over local gun ordinances that are stricter than state law and force those municipalities to pay attorney fees. Also on Thursday the US Supreme Court upheld the right of the US government to provide subsidies to help its low income citizens obtain health insurance under the Affordable Care Act no matter where they live. And on Friday, June 26, the US Supreme Court ruled same sex marriage must be legal and recognized in all states.

These three rulings illustrate two messages loudly and clearly:
• Freedom, fairness and opportunity for all are alive and well.
• Elections matter. We need to do everything in our power to elect Democrats to the courts in Pennsylvania this fall (Nov. 3) and to elect a Democratic president and a Senate that is Democratically controlled in 2016.
If we do not succeed, the risk of losing close decisions in the courts increases dramatically. It was, indeed, a great week for Democrats. It reminds us what we can accomplish when we work hard to get voters to the polls each and every election.