The phrase “All Politics Is Local” is often lost in the glare of National and International headlines.  It was true when the phrase was first coined back in the 1930’s and it remains so today.  All politics starts with us, and we shape the political dialog by how we vote or, all too often, when we do not vote.
In the 2014 elections, when Republicans won race after race across the country, only 35% of registered voters turned out to vote.  In Pennsylvania turnout was slightly better (42%) and better still for the area served by KAD (48%).  But even here slightly more than one out of two voters stayed home.
I wish I knew why.  Are they too busy?  Do they not care?  Do they lack, in their minds, enough information to cast an informed vote?  Do they fear supporting a candidate who might disappoint in the future?
KAD will dedicate itself to addressing these and related questions this year.  Our mission is to drive voter participation while specifically motivating people to vote for our candidates.  Getting voters to the polls will be a challenge this year particularly.  The “Municipal Elections (Township Supervisors and School Board Directors, for example) scheduled for 2015 (primary May 19; general election Nov. 3) typically generate less than 30% voter turnout.
If you have suggestions or comments that might help us get more voters involved in the political process, we would like to hear them.  Send us an email at or better yet, join us at a future KAD meeting to express your views.  Our meeting schedule can be found on our website,
To those of you who did vote in 2014, thank you.  We look forward to your continued support this year.  If you did not vote in 2014, make a pledge to yourself to do so this year.  Let’s work together to make 2015 and beyond great years for Democrats in the Kennett area.