Dear Friend,
If you are anything like me, you too are tied to seasonal weather patterns, often dictating what you do and where you go on any of your given free days. And lately, we have been seeing a lot of rain, which reminds me of many songs about April showers, most with lyrics promising brighter days and abundant growth.

For us die-hard Democrats we are singing April showers bring May primaries  Yes, that’s right, we have a primary election just around the corner, May 17th, to be exact. In this year’s primary, most of our offices are running unopposed. Some would argue that voting in the primary is not a big deal and not worth the hassle. But this is flawed logic. In this upcoming primary YOU have a hand in selecting our next US Senate candidate. In case you have not been paying attention, this is a really big deal, as the Republicans are bent on dismantling our democracy step by step. Their tactics of disinformation create chaos and lead us closer to an authoritarian form of rule. The digital age opened up a highway for distortion of reality and facts and created opportunity of powermongers and scoundrels.
Our underestimation of how authoritarians would use this new technology led to the Jan 6th insurrection as well as the horrors we see unfolding in Ukraine today. The dictator playbook of misinforming and creating chaos occurs throughout history and is occurring today in Russia, and yes, even in the US. Even here, Chester County Republicans are still asking for an audit of the 2020 and 2021 elections!

So it is ever more important for us to remain steadfast and support the process and our candidates.

We must not take our right to vote for granted. Voting in every election establishes a good habit, like brushing your teeth. We must be mindful of our right and responsibility to voting. Vote as if your life depended on it!

Make your plans for voting on May 17th now. If you want to vote by-mail be sure to follow this link to apply for your mail-in-ballot. Time is running out!
Sample ballots will be on our website soon, check here.
Make plans to come join us at our annual Wine in the Country event on May 21st (flyer below).
Continue to check our website for updated information about candidates, the election and other events.

I look forward to the May primary and all the other wonderful things that May will bring.

Until the next issue,



Carol Catanese
KAD Chair
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P.S. My phone line is always open so feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.