SUSAN F. RZUCIDLO, Candidate for Avondale Mayor

Susan Rzucidlo

As your Mayor, I will work with Borough Council to be responsive to the needs of all of the residents in Avondale. I will work to secure grants to fix our streets, improve our water quality, upgrade our parks for our children and help our whole community thrive. I will work to build and strengthen our community, to help us come together as a community of people who know each other and support each other through good times and challenging times. I will host events that foster those essential connections that make Avondale feel like a welcoming home to everyone. I will be a strong advocate for the needs of the people of Avondale and promote our local businesses. Small communities can achieve so much if they have energetic and dedicated leadership.


MICHAEL W. ESSMAKER, Candidate for Avondale Council
Michael EssmakerI am a banker by trade and have worked in banking for 18 years.  Currently, I serve as a Financial Center Manager at Fulton Bank.  I have lived in Chester County my whole life and moved into the Avondale Borough in 2011.  I fulfilled two terms on my homeowner’s association as the treasurer and as president each for one year.  Michelle and I have four children ages 28, 21, 7, and 4.  I am a sports enthusiast and am a fan of all the Philadelphia sports teams as well as NASCAR racing.  I have always been interested in politics and keeping myself informed on pertinent issues.  I am excited to run as a Democrat for Avondale Borough Council as I feel it is an opportunity to serve and improve our community.  It is extremely important to me that our representatives be inclusive from a cultural standpoint and listen to everyone’s ideas.  Finally, one of my main concerns in reference to our Borough is infrastructure as I believe we need major improvement in this area throughout the Borough.


JANET A. WATTS, Candidate for Avondale Council
Janet WattsMy name is Janet Watts and I am a ten-year resident of Avondale Borough.  Professionally I work as a school counselor in a public school district and have been an educator for more than twenty years.  I also volunteer in the community as a fire police officer at Avondale Fire Company, Station #23.  I am running for a borough council position and hope to bring a sense of community and transparency back to borough council.  It will be my pleasure to also serve my community in this capacity, and I am grateful for the support of the local democratic voters.


WRITE IN: STEPHANIE REICHERT, Candidate for Avondale Council


BILL WOOD, Candidate for Avon Grove School District
Bill WoodI am Bill Wood incumbent school board member, Avon Grove.  I was appointed in 2016.  I’m running for my second full four year term.  I am running for re-election because as we emerge from the pandemic and return to full in-person learning, we need school board members who will prioritize the needs of students as we address the inevitable learning gaps that have occurred this past year.  We also need school board members with the vision to realize that every challenge creates opportunities.  Districts have been forced to quickly innovate how teaching and learning is delivered, and we should use those innovations to expand opportunities for students moving forward.  I am particularly interested in prioritizing the needs of those students most negatively impacted by the pandemic.  I was president of the board during 2020.


BOBBY BROWN, Candidate for Avon Grove School District


JOHN F. WATTS JR. DEM, Candidate for Constable
My Name is John Watts Jr. and I am running for Pennsylvania State Constable for Avondale Borough. I was recently appointed to the position to fill it due to a vacancy. For those who are not knowledgeable of the duties of a Constable, they provide security and peacekeeping during elections at the polls. My fifteen years of experience in law enforcement as a Sergeant with the Delaware Department of Corrections will serve me well in this task. My dedication to community is demonstrated as I actively volunteer with the Avondale Fire Company as a Fire Police Officer.  I have resided in Avondale since 2017 when I fell in love with its small-town charm and wonderful residents. My primary goals are to help the Borough Council, Avondale Fire Company, and the Southern Chester County Regional Police maintain the peaceful nature of our fine little town by being an extra set of eyes and ears in the community.


LOUISE CLEVELAND, Candidate for Judge of Election