We’ve adopted a great strategic plan that focuses on electing Democrats every year to every level of government. We do that by (1) recruiting, training and supporting the campaigns of great candidates, (2) implementing year-round voter registration, voter conversion, and GOTV/volunteer development initiatives, and (3) promoting—through our social media assets and institutional collaborations—a political environment that favors our candidates.

And so now it’s time for you to step up to the plate!

We’re creating action-oriented committees to implement the plan. Here are a few that you can join right now:

KAD TRAVELING SHOW: Reaching out to people all across our zone by having a staffed display table with our banner at Farmer’s Markets, fairs, and other public events. Contact: Karen D’Agusto at kdagusto@aol.com

VOTER REGISTRATION: Voter registration drives, direct mail campaigns, identifying new residents and first time voters, with special attention to Latino voters.
Contact: Victoria Wiedwald at vwiedwald@aol.com

FUNDRAISING: Special events, online fundraising, direct mail campaigns, Blue Star Club.
Contact: Wayne Braffman at waynebraffman@yahoo.com

VOLUNTEER SERVICES: We’re looking for a Volunteer Coordinator to create an on-going relationship with our volunteers by offering special events, action updates, recruitment and retention activities.
Contact: Mark Girardot at mjgdem@gmail.com

Dont’ be shy! Take a swing…you just might knock it out of the park!