Dynamic and bursting with joy, Brenda can light up a room like fireworks on the 4th of July. But unlike that showy and short-lived holiday display, Brenda is also a deliberate and intelligent solver of problems who knows how to make good decisions that last a lifetime.

Brenda’s childhood in Kansas City, although tinged with racism, was a very happy and productive one. Most life lessons were gently taught by her parents. Her father was very politically involved and Brenda was a breath away from meeting Martin Luther King, Jr. Her dad taught her that once you have the building blocks of knowledge, then you can fly. Her mother taught her that her word was her bond.

Although she came to Kennett Square to be closer to her daughter, Staci and her family, Brenda’s move from Massachusetts, where she was the Vice President of Academic Affairs at Roxbury Community College, was our gain.

It wasn’t long after moving to Kennett Square in 2014 that Brenda first made contact with KAD’s chair at the time, Dick Bingham.  Brenda’s involvement with KAD started as a Committee Person for Kennett Square South 2 and has expanded to include serving on the Kennett Library Board and its Executive Committee. She is now running for Kennett Square Borough Council. How she’ll manage all that and her 2 book clubs and 1 short story club is beyond us! Brenda makes time every day for reading and there will be more reports and documents than ever.

Borough Council meets twice a month and each member is also involved with a committee of Council. If elected, she’s ready and willing to add this to her plate. Brenda’s commitment to helping those with financial challenges maintain their lifestyle and dignity will be one of her guiding principles. We, her KAD family, wish her the best.

By Sally Braffman