Let’s be honest: we all spend most of our time inside a social bubble of like-minded liberals. True?

As validating as that is, and as comfortable as that is, it’s not what wins elections. Everyone inside your bubble and everyone inside my bubble is already voting for Joe Biden and the entire Democratic slate of candidates…and if you add them all up, it’s not enough to win on November 3rd.

That is why I am challenging you to burst your own bubble, venture outside your comfort zone, and initiate dialogues with your not-so progressive contacts. I’m not talking about MAGA people; I’m talking about reasonable, persuadable Independents and Republicans.

By my estimate, there are about 7,000 of them in our 10 KAD municipalities. These are people who wanted change in 2016, but didn’t expect this to happen. These are Republicans whose party has left them. These are people who believe both parties are the same and might not vote at all.

Our ‘In the Spotlight’ article this month is about one of those people: Kennett Square’s Mayor Matt Fetick, a life-long Republican whose conscience compelled him to become a Democrat this year.

He is not the only one. Week after week, there are stories of others across the country publicly acknowledging they were wrong in 2016:

More Republicans Back Biden in an Unprecedented Rebuke of a Sitting President

Republicans are Breaking from Trump Like We’ve Never Seen

Pennsylvania Swing Voters Tire of Trump’s Inability to Heal the Country

Momentum is on our side. No, not everyone will embrace you, but you will be pleasantly surprised at how many–once given the opportunity–are happy to open up and share their previously unspoken change of heart. And that conversation with you will shift them from thinking about it to actually voting about it in November.

Another Democratic sweep is within our reach…but we must start now and we must be fearless. Go ahead: burst your bubble!

Wayne Braffman, Chair
Kennett Area Democrats