When you have spent the last twelve years being a legislative aide for Senator Andy Dinniman and former state Representative Barbara McIlvaine Smith, and chief of staff for current Representative Carolyn Comitta, what do you do next?
Well, if you’re Christina Sappey, you do the most logical thing: you run for state representative on your own. Indeed, Ms. Sappey, of West Bradford, is running to represent the 158th district and replace Eric Roe.

Born in New Jersey, and raised in New York, Ms. Sappey graduated from Penn State, where she majored in International Relations. She married a man she met on a blind date after college, they moved to Pennsylvania twenty-five years ago, and they have three children. She was a stay-at-home mom for thirteen years, but then decided to use her degree professionally. After working for so many years in the offices of Dinniman, Smith, and Comitta, she launched her own political career because she knows she can bring experience and maturity to the representation of the 158th.

Ms. Sappey defines herself as a moderate who understands Harrisburg and knows how to get things done. “The Republican Party declares that they are the party of fiscal responsibility, but they have not been responsible at all,” she says. Further, she is certain that the Republicans have no plans to balance the state budget and that they have no desire to have the tough conversations about growing the Pennsylvania economy.

Because of her years working for three legislators, Ms. Sappey will not need on-the-job training once she wins her seat.  As she says “Institutional knowledge is critical to being a successful legislator.” The 158th will definitely be the beneficiary of her legislative experience.

By Brenda Mercomes