County Commissioners UNDER ATTACK

Supporters of the Big Lie continue to deny Biden as winner of the 2020 election, disrupting the meetings and spewing lies during Public Commentary.
Help is needed in Reclaiming the Narrative. Come to the Commissioner and Board of Election Meetings and support the truth. Speak during Public Comment or cheer on those who do.

Interested in attending? Please reach out to Jeff Huckabee HERE who is coordinating our “Sanity Team” efforts.

Interested in training for Reclaiming the Narrative contact Molly Wood HERE.

Useful links:
HERE for calendar fo upcoming meetings
HERE to view past meetings on video
HERE to attend a meeting virtually and follow these steps:
1. In the list of events for the calendar month, find the meeting you plan to attend and click on “More Details”
2. You will be linked to a screen with additional information about the meeting. On the right of the screen there is a link to “Join Meeting”
4. Click on this link and you will be taken into the meeting virtually.
5. You will be able to make public comments virtually by using the raise hand feature.