In the Kennett Spotlight
Dale LaBar

by AJ Miguel
As I settled in at Starbucks for our chat about his retirement as KAD’s Treasurer after 15 years, I jokingly asked Dale if he’s a professional at being interviewed. He sort of chuckled and said, “Well, I actually was interviewed recently for a documentary about Raymond Rettew that’s set to be shown soon at the Chester County Historical Society.” And I’m automatically captivated by Dale LaBar.

Like Rettew – a West Chester chemist who pioneered the mass production of penicillin that helped save countless lives during World War II – Dale is a scientist with local roots. He met his late wife, Joyce, at Moravian College in Bethlehem and they moved to Chester County for work and to raise their daughter. He spent his career at Wyeth Laboratories, the partner lab for Rettew’s work on penicillin, while Joyce was a biology teacher at Kennett High School. His work took him to Rouses Point, NY and to Canada, for several years, before he and Joyce retired to Unionville in 2002.That’s about the time Dale started to get involved with the Kennett Area Democrats. Dale recalls what a different place Chester County was politically when he first moved here. There was an expectation you were Republican and, if you didn’t share the Party’s positions, you didn’t openly talk politics. Times have changed and, under the leadership of Dale and others, the Democratic Party is experiencing a revolution in the area. Over his 15 years as KAD’s Treasurer, Dale has seen an increase in the number of volunteers and in the bottom line of KAD’s financial statements. Thanks to KAD’s year-round fundraising savvy, Dale is handing over a healthy balance to Judy Porta, the incoming Treasurer, as we head into the critical 2019 and 2020 election cycles.

Now that he’s retired from both his career and his official role with KAD, Dale looks forward to golfing and spending time at his home in Bethany Beach. Oh, and featuring in upcoming documentaries. Look for him on the silver screen soon!