New Garden Township Supervisor and dedicated committee person David Unger believes that change happens at the local level through assuring that more people are involved and engaged in the democratic process. He has lived in the Kennett area for 25 years and is committed to making it a better community for all.

David came by his political interests early in life – he remembers staying up late with his grandmother (a life-long Democrat) to watch the voting results come in from the 1996 Clinton/Dole election. Through Kennett High School, he worked to oppose the Iraq War and participated in the Friday vigils at State and Union Streets. After high school graduation in 2003, he attended Guilford College, an historical Quaker institution, in Greensboro, NC. His experiences there reinforced his bent toward community service.

In keeping with his support for well-run government and commitment to public service, after college graduation David took a job at the Chester County Tax Claim Bureau as the Judicial Sale Coordinator. He has worked there for twelve years.

Since David always wanted to be part of the decision-making process and was dismayed by the lack of Democratic voters and candidates at the time, in 2007 he joined the Board of Elections in his precinct, volunteering first as a clerk. He then served as Judge of Elections in New Garden South-2 from 2009 to 2013 and began to see a slow growth in Democratic voter participation. He became a committee person in 2010 after Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat was lost in the special election that year. Concerned that there was no Democratic representation among the five-member New Garden Township Board of Supervisors he ran and won in 2019.  He hopes his tenure contributes to a well-run local government and is most proud of securing open space and protecting the township’s history.

David lives in Somerset Lake with his partner Denesy and two cats, Peanut and Ginger. In his rare spare time, he enjoys keeping in touch with old friends by playing video games together.

~ Tammis Dowling