NO to HB 2207

Current form does not support fair redistricting.
No transparency.
No definitions for map drawing.
Creates politically appointed, partisan commission.
Alters the PA Constitution giving one party complete control over legislative redistricting.

Instead support Rep Steve Samuelson’s amendment which gives us, the PA voters, the Independent Citizens Commission that we have been asking for.

Call your State House reps today!

Talking Points:

My name is XXX. I live in XXX.
I am calling to ask you to oppose HB 2207 in its present form.
This bill was introduced on Jan 4. It had no public hearings or input.
It creates a politically appointed partisan redistricting commission.
It does nothing to increase transparency or define criteria in map drawing.

I want an impartial independent citizens redistricting commission with strict transparency and map drawing criteria.

Please support and vote for Rep. Steve Samuelson’s amendment that would finally give PA voters the Independent Citizens Commission that they have been asking for.

For the 160th Craig Williams
Home Office: 610-358-5925
Harrisburg Office: 717-783-3083

For the 158th Christina Sappey
(I know she supports the Samuelson amendment, but it is good for her to hear from you)
Hone Office: 484-200-8264
Harrisburg Office: 717-772-9973

Want to increase the impact? Call House leadership:

Speaker, Bryan Cutler     (717) 783-6424
House Maj. Leader, Kerry Benninghoff   (717) 783-1918

Need more information?

Read Fair District’s update posts for more details, HERE.

Read FDPA Legislative Director’s Commentary piece, HERE.

Read Legislative Reapportionment Commission Chairman remarks on Jan. 6, 2022