I may be last to wish you a Happy New Year 2022, but my sentiment is no less sincere.

While many may be setting down pen to paper with a list of 2022 resolutions, this is not my tradition. As KAD Chair, I, along with a core group of leaders, have been discussing our goals for KAD and creating a plan to get to our end game – WINS for our team on November 8th.

While our elected Democratic officials have been working hard to deliver the American Rescue Plan and Biden’s infrastructure bill, our elected PA Republicans have been busy scheming to undermine fair redistricting, voter protections, and fair elections at home.

I am calling on YOU to include KAD in your goal setting for 2022. Join our team, find an action, maybe go out of your comfort zone. It’s everyday people like you who will make the difference on November 8th.

We need you to volunteer to:

    Become a Committee Person (CP)
    Volunteer to help your precinct CP
Volunteer to canvass, phone bank, help with mailings
Volunteer your skills not listed – maybe messaging, writing, or social media management, etc. Contact HERE to inquire or volunteer.You can read about our newest committee people below in our In the Kennett Spotlight column. Reach out to them or other committee people (HERE).

As our democracy is caught in the crosshairs of an authoritarian take-over, every vote MATTERS and every citizen action will make the differece.


Carol Catanese
KAD Chair