When we write the history of the 2018 Mid-Term Election, we will have many laudable individual efforts to recognize across the nation, across Pennsylvania, and, especially, across the municipalities that make up the KAD voting area. One man whose name will be prominent is Gerard Prilutski. In fact, it would not be hyperbole to designate Gerard as the 2018 KAD Canvasser-in-Chief.

A native of Michigan, Gerard grew up in East Goshen. He earned his undergraduate degree at the University of Delaware, a Master’s in Chemical Engineering at Stanford University, and returned to the University of Delaware, where he earned his Ph.D. A father of two daughters, he owned a 20-acre horse farm for twenty-two years, was a Eucharist minister, worked for DuPont and American Biltrite, and retired in 2015. Still energetic after retirement, he walked the Appalachian Trail, with one daughter joining him at the beginning of the hike, and his other daughter joining him for the last leg of the trail.

Gerard’s political work began in earnest in 2012, when he volunteered locally for the Obama Campaign. In 2016, he made phone calls and canvassed for Clinton. However, by 2018, he wanted his activism to have more of an impact. So, he asked Sally Braffman, KAD Office Manager for 2018, “What can I do to help?” In Gerard-fashion, he did more than help. He willingly did what many volunteers are reluctant or nervous about doing: Canvassing. His “door-knocking” efforts were phenomenal: 1400 doors in three months. Modestly, the Canvasser-in Chief says, “ I just needed to do whatever needed to be done.”

What he did helped to enable that Blue Wave we were all waiting for. Thank you, Gerard.

~Brenda Mercomes