This up-coming election is the most important non-Presidential election in this decade
If the Democrats win, it would give us a fighting chance of electing 1 to 7 more Democrats to Congress.
How so?  Because the boundaries of the Congressional districts would be redrawn to make them fair for all Pennsylvanians.
After the Republicans won big in 2010, they redrew the boundaries to maximize the number of their legislative districts.  Currently, only 28% of Pennsylvania’s members of Congress are Democrats even though President Obama won Pennsylvania.
To change this, we must elect these three excellent Democratic candidates to the Supreme Court on November 3 so they can be in place when the Court decides on the acceptability of those district boundaries in 2021.
Kevin Dougherty
Christine Donohue
David Wecht
That is why this is the most important non-Presidential election in this decade.
Vote.  We need a massive Democratic vote so the districts will be fair for all of us.