Images: Let’s Finish The Job!

This month, I’ll let pictures do the talking for me because, as we all know, a picture is worth 1,000 words!Tom Hrabal of Hrabal Creative, the graphic artist who created last year’s ‘Be The Wave’ design, has done it again with a group of images that capture the moment for us.

The theme for 2019-2020 is: ‘Let’s Finish The Job.’

In the 4 images presented here, Tom masterfully provides a graphic link between our past, present and future.

‘Let’s Finish The Job’ reminds us of our historic victories in 2017 where we elected 4 Democratic Chester County row officers. But that was just the beginning!

The wave imagery ties us to the 2018 campaign in which we took back the United States House of Representatives.

This year, we are dedicating ourselves to finishing the job we began 2 years ago in Chester County by winning control of the County Commission and the remaining row offices.

And in 2020…well…I don’t have to tell you what the job is we need to finish!

So please enjoy these powerful images and feel free to download and use them.

Together, #LetsFinishTheJob!

Wayne Braffman, Chair