Odd year elections in Pennsylvania are frequently referred to as Municipal elections.  This is because these elections tend to focus on county, township and school district offices. Despite the immediate impact all of these choices have on our lives, voters tend to ignore them.  Typically, only 25% of eligible voters turn out for these elections.

I hope the pattern is different this year.  The offices on the 2015 ballot are shown in the article on endorsements.  In addition to the county, township and school district elections, five statewide judgeships will be determined – three PA Supreme Court judges, one PA Superior judge and one PA Commonwealth Court judge.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of these races, particularly the three PA Supreme Court positions.  The next round of legislative redistricting will occur in 2020.  These judges will be on the bench when this occurs.  The horrible way our legislative and congressional districts have been gerrymandered by the Republican controlled legislature must be challenged in 2020, if not sooner.  These judges will be in a position to help us get fairer, more representative legislative and congressional districts in place.  For an example of the way our Congressional Districts are gerrymandered, check out PA’s 7th Congressional District (image below).  This district, currently represented by Patrick Meehan, is rated the eighth least compact congressional district in the nation.

The Chester County Democratic Committee (CCDC) met on Feb. 19 to choose the candidates we will support in the May 19 primary (see accompanying article for the outcome of these endorsements).  I urge you to get involved in this election.  Learn about your candidates, emphasize the importance of these elections – from Supreme Court to School Board – to your friends and neighbors and do everything you can to help elect the strong field of Democratic candidates the CCDC endorsements represent.