First, I want to say thank you to everyone who supported my election as the new Zone Leader for the Kennett Area Democrats.  My experience as a candidate and working closely with committee people will certainly be put to good use, but as is true in undertaking any new job, there is much to learn.  We’re all excited about getting to work to ensure all our dedicated Democratic candidates are elected in this critical election year.

I’m writing to give you a few important updates:

  1. Campaign office We have secured a campaign office at 637 Miller’s Hill in Kennett Square located right next to Domino’s Pizza and across from Waywood Beverage. We take possession of the office on August 15th, and we plan to have the Grand Opening party soon afterwards- look out for another email shortly with those details!
  1. Volunteering before the Office Opens You may be starting to get calls from different campaigns and special interest groups like SuperMajority to help with calls and canvassing. Please participate if you can.  I’d like to ask you to keep track of the time you spend helping campaigns this year, even before the office opens. We will ask you to report on these hours once the office opens.  I want to track all the hours we spend this year in helping campaigns- and I want to make sure everyone gets “credit” for these hours. This will help us in planning, as well as let all of you know in a concrete way, how much effort is required to get people elected!  It definitely takes a village!
  1. Phone Bank Training I spoke with Cathy Spahr and her campaign manager, Jason this week.  They are holding an online Phonebank training session on Wednesday, August 3rd at 7 pm. Zoom link HERE.

I urge everyone to take this training if they can, because they will teach you things like how to set up a google voice number if you don’t want to have your personal phone number show up when making calls- something that will work well throughout the campaign season.

4. Fundraising We will be sending out a fundraising letter shortly asking for donations to help support our new office.  Please keep an eye out for that letter, and participate if you can.  Every little bit helps.

Our annual fall fundraising dinner and silent auction will be held on September 18th from 4 pm to 7pm at the Red Clay Room in Kennett Square.  Tickets are $65 and you may purchase tickets HERE. I know the committee is looking for silent auction items as well, so if you have something to donate, please send us an email HERE. Please come to the event, hear from our candidates, and get fired up for this critical election!

5.  Individual Campaigns I am talking with the various campaigns and setting up times to meet with them, so we can get a coordinated plan together. While I want to help each campaign reach its goals, our main focus is to persuade as many voters as possible and get every Democrat and Democrat-supporting voter to turn out on November 8th.

Our state house candidates and Chrissy Houlahan’s campaign are already organizing canvassing and more, so please donate your time to them if possible until the office is open.

Many of the campaigns are using Mobilize, an online organizing tool, to get folks signed up for events.  Please scroll down to the Action Alert box of this Newsletter to find upcoming Mobilize events.

In-person phone banking and canvassing will start in earnest once the office opens. If you happen to have time and want to start sooner, please email me at with Canvass in the subject line. I can set up earlier local canvasses or at home phone banks for those wanting to get started.

I want to again thank Carol Catanese and Brenda Mercomes for their dedication to Kennett Area Democrats, and for their willingness to help support me and Eric Matuszak, Vice Chair, as we settle in to our new jobs. We will all need to work together to ensure we are successful this year, when so much is at stake.

New Blog: Be sure to check out our new blog- KAD Reflections by clicking HERE. We’ve asked members of our community to write blogs about the topics that are most important to them, to act as our own “letters to the editor” type articles, telling people why this election is so important.  We will be publicizing these pieces through social media as well.  If you would like to contribute, choose a topic that matters most to you- something you are passionate about, and send it to with Blog Article in the subject line, and we will post it. Please keep it clean, and we reserve the right to make small edits (spelling, grammar, rough language…). We’ll let you know when it’s posted so you can share it as well.

If you haven’t already, please consider signing up to volunteer by completing the form on our website by clicking HERE. You can also make donations on our website as well – all funds will directly go to support our work and our candidates this election year!

Many thanks,

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Whitney Hoffman
Chair, Kennett Area Democrats