In the Kennett Spotlight
Pam Reischauer

Some of you reading this column may not be aware that the Kennett Area Democrats can count a number of “rock stars” among its members. KAD rock stars can be defined as those people who volunteer their time in canvassing voters, teaching committee people to use VoteBuilder, devoting hours addressing and stuffing envelopes, making phone calls, etc., in short, doing anything that needs to be done during an election year. That definition fits many people in this organization.  This month, though, the spotlight is on just one of those rock stars: Pamela Reischauer.

Born into a farming family in St. Louis, Missouri, Pamela is a registered nurse who also trained to be a mid-wife when she and her family lived in Germany for seven years.  Parents to two adult daughters, Pamela and her husband now reside in Newlin Township, their home for the last twenty-five years.

Pamela’s KAD rock star reputation began last year, when she and fellow Newlin Township residents, Lucy Oblonsky and Wayne Bullaughy, secured almost 400 Newlin residents’ signatures in support of a Resolution to end Gerrymandering.  Although the Newlin Supervisors did not pass the Resolution, Pam and her team were able to use their knowledge of the precinct to form a group that affected a stellar turnout in the 2017 and 2018 elections.  The group has a goal of matching presidential year voter turn-out in the November 6th mid-term election.

Not satisfied to rest on her laurels, Pamela has developed and run Workshops for new and seasoned Committee Persons within KAD and other zones in Chester County.  She has a few ideas about how Democrats can be successful:
-Respect the work of volunteers
-Engage constituents
-Build community in each precinct
-Share ideas and
-Communicate across all age groups

If Democrats take the advice of a KAD superstar, just maybe that Blue Wave could become a Blue Tsunami.


~Brenda Mercomes