For this 2018 Mid-Term Election season, Sally Braffman’s official title at the KAD Campaign Office is Volunteer Coordinator. But in typical Sally-fashion, she is doing so much more:  coordinating the literature drop, writing the scripts for the phone banking callers, orienting new committee people, and organizing the volunteers who worked on the 14,000-piece mail project. Whew! Most of us are exhausted just reading about all of that work.  Sally, though, has always been adept at successfully juggling more than one job at a time.

A native of Northern New Jersey, and the fourth of five children, Sally initially avoided what seems to have been the family profession: teaching. After one year of college, she moved to Boston, worked briefly at the iconic Filene’s Basement, went to Northeastern University, and finished her degree at William Paterson University, finally succumbing to the teaching profession for 29 years.  Not content just to teach, of course, she became involved with the New Jersey Education Association, and was president of her local union for 8 years. During her tenure as president, she campaigned for candidates who promised substantial support in both increased funding and for academic innovation.

Sally retired from education twelve years ago, but she is still very much involved in getting good candidates elected. Since marrying Wayne Braffman, KAD Chair, and moving to Kennett Square, she has become totally immersed in Pennsylvania politics. Over the last few years, she has worked tirelessly and with unbelievable energy and skill to organize enthusiastic volunteers in the last few Democratic campaigns.  She says that she is ”deeply grateful to all of the volunteers who have come in to give their time for so many countless hours.” She acknowledges that without volunteers that KAD would not have been able to support this year’s crop of deserving candidates. In turn, however, KAD must acknowledge that as a result of Sally’s amazing juggling ability that those candidates now have a real chance of winning on November 6th.

~Brenda Mercomes