It was a sweltering hot day in Washington, D.C., for the ‘Families Belong Together’ march, but that did not deter us nor did it dampen our spirits!

Here are our very own, Anton Andrew, candidate for PA’s 160th, along with KAD friends readying to march on Pennsylvania Ave. We traveled to D.C. on a KAD sponsored bus. This was the fourth KAD sponsored bus trip to national and local marches since 2017.

We may be fatigued by the craziness in the White House and the Republican-controlled, gutless Congress, but we will continue to to raise our voices. We will not accept the unacceptable behavior of this administration. We will be heard and WE WILL VOTE THEM OUT!

Get behind our candidates, like Anton Andrew (PA’s 160th at, Chris Sappey (PA’s 158th at, and Chrissy Houlahan (our new 6th Congressional Distric at Or join us here: VOLUNTEER.