I look around me and I see 100 ‘Home of the Wave’  yard signs and metal stands on my front porch.

There are 8,600 door hangers and 22 walk lists in bags in my sun room.

There are 1,500 ‘Be The Wave’ buttons in my laundry room and 400 bumper stickers in my parlor.

The primary election was 2 weeks ago.

The general election is 22 weeks ahead.It’s the first week of June and we’re getting ready to canvass.

Welcome to my world: the Land of Perpetual GOTV!

And if you want to win on November 6th, it has to be your land, too.

In many races, we are fighting uphill battles against entrenched incumbents. Our candidates can’t afford to take the summer off. You can’t afford to take the summer off, either.

From here on out, we are all on call 24/7.

When you go out, wear your ‘Be The Wave’ button.

Festoon your car with a ‘Be The Wave’ bumper sticker.

When your precinct committee person asks you to knock on 25 doors, find a reason to say ‘yes’ instead of a reason to say ‘no.’

‘Like,’ comment and share on facebook even if it irritates some of your friends.

Write that letter to the editor.

Tell your friends and family how you feel about what’s happening to our country.

Commit now to doing something every day to Get Out The Vote in November.

It’s what we citizens of the Land of Perpetual GOTV do!

Wayne Braffman, Chair
Kennett Area Democrats