Glenn Frederick, Candidate for Supervisor

LB Supervisor Glenn Frederick (1)Glenn has devoted over 30 years to improving the quality of life for the residents of London Britain. His steadfast leadership has shaped the direction of the Township in countless ways, helping to make London Britain the special place we all cherish. His engineering background has had an invaluable influence on the decisions made by the Township. During his tenure as Supervisor, the following are a few of his many accomplishments:

  • Created the 2000 Open Space Initiative, supported by a vast majority of London Britain residents.
  • Instrumental in the creation of White Clay Creek Preserve.
  • Participated in the establishment of two Township parks.
  • Opposed an Earned Income Tax for the past 2 decades.
  • Helped institute the 10-year Township Road Management Plan.
  • Developed the 4-person Public Works team.
  • Improved existing Township facilities, as opposed to constructing new, more costly buildings.
  • Encouraged location of West Grove Fire Station at Nichol Park.
  • Helped to create Township Zoning Ordinance which matches development with land's ability to support it, keeping the Township more open and rural.


RUCHIRA SINGH, Candidate for AGSD School Board

Ruchira is a long-time volunteer dedicated to helping the community. In addition to volunteering in classrooms and with the PTA, Ruchira fosters animals at the Humane society and supports a local no-kill shelter. She is a member and volunteer with International Women’s Club.

Education has always been Ruchira’s priority. For that reason, she and her husband moved from Delaware to Pennsylvania so that their two children would attend the Avon Grove School District. Ruchira has a dual BS in Chemistry/Biology, and Masters in Urban Planning


BRUCE BELCHER, Candidate for AGSD School Board

Bruce BelcherBruce is a long-time supporter of public education with three children who attend Avon Grove School District.  When not renovating his 1770s Landenberg historical farmhouse, Bruce spends his time outdoors skiing, biking, and hiking with his family. 

Bruce’s professional background with a multi-national global organization includes over 30 years working in management, accountability and running of manufacturing. His current role consists of continuous improvement of processes, optimization, and long-term strategic planning.  Bruce has a BS in Mechanical Engineering and MBA.

Why Bruce and Ruchira are running:

Central to our motivation to serve on the Avon Grove School Board is our shared belief that education is the key to a successful future. As Board members, we will strive to assure all students in Avon Grove are able to achieve their highest potential. With our own children in the district, we have a personal vested interest in ensuring our schools provide exceptional learning environments, and that Avon Grove remains a competitive, sought after community.


JUDY PORTA Candidate for Tax Collector London Britain Township

Judy Porta and her husband Earnie have called London Britain Township home since 1973. Their three children graduated from Avon Grove High School after which two went on to earn Ph.D.’s and one a Master’s in Astronautical Engineering.  Both Judy and Earnie have proudly served the Township in the past – Judy as a Township Supervisor and most recently as the Township representative to the Avon Grove Library board – while Earnie was the  Township’s School Board Representative for 12 years – four as President.   Judy would be honored to again serve the Township as a compassionate and knowledgeable Tax Collector. She asks for your vote so that together we can keep London Britain Township the beautiful place that it is.


BOBBY BROWN Candidate for Magisterial District Judge Click HERE.