Mail-In Voting information will be updated for the 2021 election as available.

Misinformation about voting is nothing less than voter suppression. Outlined below are important facts specific to Mail-In Voting in Chester County.  This information will be updated regularly HERE

OPTIONS: Three Ways to Return Your MAIL-IN VOTING Ballot

Mail: Mail your MIB as soon as you receive it — but BEFORE October 20, 2020*, allowing two weeks to arrive at Voter Services. Your ballot must be post-marked by November 3rd and received by November 6th to be counted – so don’t delay.

Drop Off: (RECOMMENDED OPTION) Drop off your ballot at Voter Services or a remote Drop Box location and place it in the secure ballot box no later than 8pm on Election Day, November 3rd. Voter Services is located at 601 Westtown Road, West Chester, PA. There is also a Drop Box at the Kennett Library and one at the Avon Grove Library. A full list of all drop off locations can be found HERE

Remote Ballot Box: Voter Services will also be setting up secure, remote drop off boxes in Chester County. We will post a list of locations at www.kennettareademocrats.com as soon as it is available.

Vote in Person at the Polls: If you bring your MIB (which MUST include the inner and outer envelope) with you, you can turn in the ballot at your polling place and you will be given a regular ballot to vote. You can NOT just drop your ballot off at your polling place.


Did I already apply to vote by mail?

If you voted by mail in the Primary and are not sure if you applied to vote by mail in the General Election, simply check HERE or call 1-833-728-6837 to determine if you are receiving a Mail-In Ballot for the November 3rd General Election.

When do I need to return my completed Mail-In Ballot?

If you decide to mail your completed MIB, we strongly suggest mailing it by October 20, 2020* at the latest. This ensures sufficient time for delivery through the USPS. After that date, we suggest dropping off your MIB at Voter Services located at 601 Westtown Road, West Chester, PA. or at one of the secure drop boxes set up by Voter Services throughout Chester County. There is a secure drop box at the Kennett Library and one at Avon Grove Library.


Do not let anyone take your Mail-In Ballot for you.

That is not permitted. If you need a ride to a drop off location or Voter Services so you can deliver your Mail-In Ballot, please contact us and we will find someone to drive you so you can personally drop off your Mail-In Ballot.

What if I received my Mail-In Ballot but have missed a deadline or lost my ballot?

• If you applied for a MIB but do not receive it, you can go to Voter Services in-person at 601 Westtown Road, West Chester, PA and get a new MIB,  fill it in, and submit it while you are at Voter Services.

• If you still have your actual MIB on Election Day, November 3, do not mail it. Instead, you can place it in one of the drop off boxes OR you can bring it (with both the Mailing and Official Ballot envelopes) to your regular polling place and poll workers will do what is called, “spoil” the MIB and then you can vote by casting a REGULAR ballot in person.

• If you applied for a MIB but you do not have your ballot (because you lost it or never received it), you can go to your polling location and request a provisional ballot which will be counted once it is confirmed that your MIB has not already been counted.

How can I confirm that my MAIL-IN VOTING ballot is delivered?

After you submit your ballot, you can track its status HERE or by calling PA DEMS Voter Hotline at: 1-833-728-6837.