Republicans like to brag about their dominance of county politics. Maybe not so much this time. 

With such a strong field of qualified candidates at all levels in the state, county and local races, Dems finally have a real chance at making major headway in capturing a number of seats in the November election.
You can help by supporting your favorite Dems in the Primary on May 19.
While you’re at the polls, stop by and greet your local precinct leaders, and sign up for the newsletter.

KAD Charts 2015-16 Course

Nearly two dozen KAD members met in a special

Saturday morning meeting on March 21 to map out a strategy to guide us through the next 20 months. A spirited and wide-ranging discussion led to the adoption of several key action plans:

  1. Build and strengthen our infrastructure with committee person and block captain recruitment, training and support.
  2. Refine and strengthen our message, then engage voters throughout the year via personal contact, participation in community events and social media.
  3. Interface with other zones and counties to coordinate activities across election districts and to expand our portfolio of best practices.

Volunteers stepped up to chair the effort in each category.

Bottom line: it was a highly productive and encouraging meeting marked by a gratifying level of enthusiasm and commitment.