Reports from the polls…

At the June KAD meeting, precinct leaders were asked to give impressions of the goings on at their polling place…
The Good:
  • High praises for the new KAD banners
  • Kudos for our new values slogan: Freedom, Fairness, Opportunity
  • Stuff:
    • Business Cards
    • Name Plates
    • Goodie bags
The Bad (or not so good):
  • Poor turnout
  • Poor response from our CCDC lawyer team
  • Issues with poor polling place layout, e.g. remote parking, outdoor set-ups.
The Ugly:
  • Imagine a big white van pulling up at your polling place, and a group of men in dark suits roll out and begin a noisy campaign to get voters to write in certain candidates.
  • This actually happened in two of our precincts. It has been reported to the proper authorities.
Many thanks to our intrepid Committee Persons who endured the blazing sun, thunderstorms, and all those Republicans…