From time to time, we encounter people who have dedicated much of their lives to a cause they believe in; however, they are often far too modest to share the story of the good they have done. Such is the case with long-time KAD member Miriam Greenberg. For over twenty years, Miriam worked tirelessly and proudly to serve the mission of KAD.

As a precinct committee person in New Garden, she was enthusiastic about doing a task that some people find difficult—Canvassing. Going door-to-door and encouraging voters to go to the polls was pure joy for her. She recalls a study that determined the most effective way to get people to vote was to go to their homes, knock on their doors, and speak to them one on one.  “ I did it for years, and I loved it!” she says. And it was effective. On one election day, a woman whose home Miriam had visited told her, “I’m here because you came to my door.”
However, every door-to-door encounter was not so pleasant. One man threatened to shoot her if she didn’t leave. She saw rifles on the wall behind him, and she left!

Miriam also loved participating in the voter registration drives. She registered people at Kennett Library, the New Garden Shopping Center, and the Farmer’s Market. She did whatever was necessary to get people to vote.

Even after retiring from active KAD membership, she continued to stay politically curious.  A friend who visited her during a recent hospital stay noticed that Miriam had The New York Times spread all over her hospital bed. When her friend asked why she was reading and not resting, she replied, “Well, I have to keep up!”

When asked what motivated her to take such a highly effective, active role in political campaigns year after year, she, with great modesty, replied, “I simply did what needed to be done.”

Brenda Mercomes
Contributing to the reporting of this article were Connie Dougherty, Diana Rarig, and Bob George.