VOTE NO on HB 38

HB 38 and Why it Would Be Disastrous for our Democracy and PA Courts:

  • HB 38 is Republican sponsored legislation to amend the PA Constitution to create judicial districts for PA’s Supreme, Superior and Commonwealth Courts.
  • The judges for these Appellate Courts are now elected on a statewide basis.
  • HB 38 would create new regional judicial districts favoring Republican candidates. This is gerrymandering.
  • The Republican controlled PA House has not held public hearings on HB 38.
  • HB 38 was narrowly voted out of committee on January 13th with 13 R’s voting Yes, and 10 D’s and 2 R’s voting No.
  • If the House passes HB 38 before February 17th, this referendum for a constitutional amendment will be on the May 18th Primary Ballot. Voters tend to favor referendums.
  • The current vote count indicates we need to convince 3 more R’s to vote NO.
  • One of those R’s is Rep. Craig Williams (160th).


All of our Democratic legislators oppose HB 38.  Please let them know that YOU oppose HB 38:  Rep. Christina Sappey (158th), Sen. Carolyn Comitta (19th), Sen. John Kane (9th).
Link HERE to their contact information.

Our one Republican legislator, Rep. Craig Williams (160th) has been slow to say how he will vote on HB 38.   Please call or write to Rep. Williams TODAY.  Phone: 610-358-5925 or 717-783-3038
Email Link HERE

See the talking points below and more information HERE.  Point out to Rep. Williams that two of his neighboring Republican colleagues, Rep. John Lawrence (13th) and Rep. Christopher Quinn (168th) oppose HB 38.



The following are among some of the concerns those in opposition to HB 38 expressed at the Judicial Committee Meeting:

– Concern for judicial independence (expressed by both R’s on the Judicial Committee, Rep. Stephens and Rep. Mihalek, both of whom are attorneys).

– HB 38 undermines the political independence of our judicial system.

– HB 38 will lead to judicial gerrymandering.

– HB 38 has questionable constitutionality (Rep. Stephens).

– HB 38 further cements partisanship (Rep. Mihalek).

– HB 38 lacks any public hearings or discussion of the merits of the change.

Read more about what was said at the Judicial Committee Meeting on Jan 13th HERE, and find more information on judicial gerrymandering HERE.