Paola Rosas, candidate for the Kennett Consolidated School Board Director from New Garden Township, might never have been a candidate had it not been for her future husband, Chuck Weed. Born and raised in Mexico City, Ms. Rosas came to the United States to study English. While in America, she met her Chuck, but once she completed her studies, she returned to Mexico City. However, Chuck had different ideas. He flew to Mexico, surprised her with an engagement ring; they married and returned to Pennsylvania. After living in Philadelphia and Oxford, they settled in New Garden Township, where they and their two children have lived for eleven years.

For the past five years, Ms. Rosas has worked for the Boy Scouts of America, to introduce Hispanic youth to scouting. She modestly recounts that she has gained the respect of the boys’ families, as they often seek a referral from her on which doctors, dentists, or colleges to choose. Her community commitment extends to La Comunidad Hispana, where she serves as Secretary of the Executive Board and to the Longwood Rotary, where she holds the position of Membership Chair.

Paola loves her community and believes that she has an obligation to make a significant difference. She has always volunteered for the school district, translating fliers into Spanish, for example. However, she now heeds the call to do more. Admittedly, she says, “the November 2016 election has clearly been a motivating factor.” The results of that election convinced her that she cannot stand in the background and expect that things will change for the better. Paola knows that she has to be an integral part of the solution. Thus, her candidacy to serve as a School Board Director, which, she hopes, will lead to a substantive connection between the school district and the Hispanic community.
There is no doubt that Paola is the right person to make that connection.

By Brenda Mercomes