I moved to Kennett Square from North Carolina in June of 2012 and attended the grand opening of KAD’s Election Headquarters shortly thereafter. As soon as I walked in, KAD Chair Joe Sakadusky came forward to introduce himself. He asked where I lived and when I told him, he immediately said: ‘We don’t have a committee person in that precinct. Would you like to be one?’

I responded just as quickly: ‘Sure!’

And–as they say–the rest is history.

It’s been a sheer joy meeting and working with the KAD community over the past 8½ years, working my way up the ladder, becoming Vice-Chair under Dick Bingham and then being elected Chair in April of 2017 when Dick resigned to devote his time to the Chester County Democratic Committee.

As an organization, we’ve come a long way. I’m proud of our achievements and our growth, but I’m most proud of all of you!

You, the committee people and officers who take on challenges and figure out how to serve our precincts.

You, the donors who year-after-year provide the financial support that allow us the freedom to execute our plans.

You, our faithful followers and volunteers who are always ready when we call upon you.

You, the candidates who take a leap of faith and step forward each year to answer the call of public service.

And perhaps most importantly, you, the voters who have placed your trust in us and delivered victory after victory for our candidates.

There is no doubt in my mind that KAD will continue to grow and flourish under our newly elected Chair Kathryn Monahan. And so it is with a deep affection for the entire KAD family, that I pass the torch to her.

Wayne Braffman