Patricia Maisano is the Founder and CIO of IKOR, a life management services company which provides patient advocacy for seniors and the disabled. She created IKOR when she realized that there was no national service to help seniors make living arrangements, financial, or healthcare decisions.  IKOR now has 75 offices across the nation, with headquarters here in Kennett.

Once active in Pennsylvania Republican politics, Patricia began to see changes in the party that were increasingly at odds with her own political philosophy, as well as her integrity. This realization led her to join the Democratic Party, and led her, most recently, to become the 2017 Democratic candidate for Chester County Treasurer. Should she win, she would be the first Democratic treasurer in the 218-year history of Chester County.

The result of Republican dominance of the county treasurer’s office has been the office holders’ allegiance to the Republican Party, rather than a concern for the people of Chester County, according to Patricia.  Under her leadership, the office would allow people to know how the money is being spent and which investments the county is making, for starters. “I want to make the office transparent, something the county and the country need now, more than ever,” she says.

Enthusiasm for Patricia’s candidacy is growing, and she is honored by those Chester County citizens eager to work for her election. On August 16th, a fundraiser benefiting her candidacy will be held at the Mendenhall Inn, featuring United States Senator Christopher Coons of Delaware.

Patricia sincerely believes that with her candidacy “we are on the cusp of relevant change in the County Treasurer’s office.” As she enters what could be a tumultuous campaign season, she declares, “We are uplifted! We can do this!”

By Brenda Mercomes