Patricia Maisano is running for reelection as the Chester County Treasurer, to continue to head the office that processes money coming into Chester County from taxes and licenses. When she won the seat in 2017 she took over an office with a high staff turnover and inadequate budget that had been diminished and ignored by her Republican predecessors. For example, she inherited an almost empty office with 1990s computers and “art work” attached to the walls with chewing gum. She had to build back the office from the ground up. Her first order of business was to create a viable workplace with furniture, a conference room, and chairs for the public waiting area. At the same time, she implemented a program to move office processes from paper to online and to scan records, freeing up space and saving taxpayers time and money. In the process, she was able to improve staff morale and limit staff turnover.

Another initiative Patricia is proud of is her effort to begin to enforce hotel lodging tax collection. Previously, only a small portion of the 85 county hotels were even remitting the tax. She has begun an audit program that has brought in $500,000 so far with much more expected in the future.

If reelected, she would also like to save taxpayer money and stop the outsourcing of municipal tax collection, bringing this task back in-house. In addition, she would like to continue transferring functions online, particularly allowing residents to track and pay municipal taxes and enhance the ability to apply for hunting, fishing, and other licenses virtually.

Patricia holds an RN degree from St. Francis School of Nursing, a Doctorate in Health Sciences from Sheffield University, and numerous national certifications. She was sole founder and CEO /CIO of IKOR International, a company that provides patient advocacy and guardianship services to seniors and the disabled, which has grown to 60 offices in numerous major cities in the US.

In her free time, Patricia likes to train horses and ski. Her beloved late husband Magisterial Judge Daniel Maisano taught her to approach life with joy and to never be afraid to take on new challenges. She has three sons, Scott, Quality Supervisor for CPV Manufacturing, a government contractor, who lives in Kennett Square, Dan, an entrepreneur who lives in DC, and Peter, a Fuels Quality Manger for Shell Aviation who lives in Houston. She dotes on her two granddaughters Remi and Lily.
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