If you’ve watched or read the news at all during the COVID-19 pandemic, one thing is clear.  The federal government – at its highest level – has abdicated all responsibility for the health and welfare of its citizens.  In the dearth of leadership at the top, state and local governments are left to set their own guidelines for work, school, and social interactions.  It is more important than ever to ensure those seats are filled with principled, honest individuals who will put the safety and well-being of residents ahead of personal pride and profit margins.  YOU – the Pennsylvania voter – are pivotal in determining how our county, our state and our country move forward in this new pandemic reality.  YOU can make a difference.

Plans were already in place to broaden access to voting in Pennsylvania with the enactment of Act 77 last year.  This historic legislation allows Pennsylvania residents to vote by mail with no excuse needed and extends deadlines for registering and returning mail-in ballots.  More recently, Act 12 rescheduled the primary to June 2, 2020, in response to COVID-19.  The new deadline to register or update a voter registration for the primary is May 18.

Governor Wolf is encouraging all registered voters to vote by mail.  As of April 22, almost 600,000 Pennsylvania voters have already applied to vote by mail or absentee ballot.  Right now, KAD’s precincts comprise the highest percent of vote by mail applications among the 20 zones in Chester County.  If you haven’t yet, head to Pennsylvania Voter Services to apply for your mail-in ballot.  The process is quick, secure and social distant-compliant.  Registered voters have until 5 pm May 26 to sign up to vote by mail and until 8 pm on Primary Day to return their voted ballot.

Not sure of your registration status?  Visit VOTE411 to check.  If you need to vote in person on June 2, be aware that WHERE you vote may be changed in an effort to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on senior centers and other venues that traditionally serve as polling locations.  Check your polling place before heading to cast your ballot.

In Chester County, registered Democrats are now just 500 shy of registered Republicans; to #FinishTheJob, we need to close this gap.  Register.  Vote.  It’s never been easier.  It’s never been more important.  It’s in YOUR hands.