Dear friends,

Did you know that this month you will have the opportunity to take part in one of the most fundamental aspects of our Democracy?

The long road to the November 6th election begins on February 13th: the first day that you may sign a petition nominating someone for public office.

Savor that for a moment: You and other registered Democratic voters have the sole power to determine who may run for office. No political party can do that. No billionaire can do that. No autocrat can do that. Only you can do that. It is a sacred responsibility. Our Democracy doesn’t work if we fail.

So when we knock on your door or when we invite you to a petition-signing house party between February 13 and March 6, please embrace the moment. It’s special and it doesn’t happen everywhere.

Without your signatures on their petitions, our candidates can not get on the ballot for the Primary Election on May 15. If they are not on the ballot for the primary, they will not be on the ballot for the General Election.

Bottom line: without your signatures in February, there will be no Democratic wave in November.

Let’s do this…because THIS is what Democracy looks like!

Wayne Braffman, Chair
Kennett Area Democrats