Based on multiple sources, here are some reasons people do not vote (in no particular order):

1. Low education level.
2. U.S. does not have automatic voter registration.
3. Their social group does not value voting, or offer a no-vote as a protest.
4. Devalue their vote (nothing will change, pessimistic outlook, dissatisfied, think one vote does not make a difference, their preferred party (libertarian, green, etc.) cannot gain a seat in the two-party U.S. system).
5. Voting would be a new behavior to adopt, and they just don’t have time or care.
6. Other (don’t want to be called for jury duty, other).

Potential Remedy Actions:

Point out how voting actually matters, i.e., how their individual life is affected by real policies and changes enacted by certain political parties and leaders.

Identify and reach out to less educated households in your area to give info about reasons to vote.

Show how easy it is to register (a few clicks online!) and vote by mail (request a ballot).

Support voter registration laws and efforts. Tell about candidates that support nationwide voter registration laws.

Express the urgency about the current upcoming election and how unreasonable change is on the ballot.

by Sam Stanton