Our Survival in America is all about Safety, Safety, Safety which includes Rightful Freedoms under the Constitution and our willingness to VOTE FOR them!


A difference of opinion didn’t mean that you would invariably be harassed, injured or blown away.

Possession of a gun didn’t mean you could use it as a Weapon of Mass Destruction.

Our flag was not defaced by using it as a spear or a lance against police and a whole Legislative Branch of our government in its Home Base.

A woman could decide how she wanted to manage her family without legal retribution or vigilantism on the part of any fellow citizens rewarded for their effort; when doctors could assist with medical matters without intervention.

The privacy of your personal matters could not automatically be scrutinized, condemned or come under legal threat.

We could count on government agencies and the Three Branches of government to protect our Water, Air and Health with declarations and procedures meant for the good of the WHOLE of the nation, not just for the benefit of the few and most powerful.

All eligible Americans were allowed, during the two year pandemic, to use ballot boxes located in convenient places in a systematically and carefully monitored way, or send in ballots by mail, vote during early voting or at the polls under neutral and professional review.

Lies, indignities, abusive behavior and violence were restrained or kept at bay and not screaming at us day in and day out as regular ugly occurrences.


Our Beloved America is under an ongoing siege. This nation is eating itself alive with groups of Americans calling out for the diminishment and destruction of other Americans by usurping their rights.

It has become a Republican stance among too many, that their power must continue no matter who may suffer in the process. Too many have rebuked the absolute certainty via 60 Court Decisions that there should have been an UNQUESTIONED peaceful transition of Presidents in the 2020 election. The PERPETRATION OF LIES surrounding that, is continuing. Therein lies a danger that is beyond measure.

Democrats have been striving for years to allow our citizens to have the rights they deserve- freedom of speech, of personal privacy, of religious choice without imposing it on others, and yes, the right of gun ownership, but not by those deemed irresponsible to have it, freedom to have healthcare, to pursue one’s civil rights, also freedom within a protected society from crime and violence wherever it originates.

We cannot lose these rights, these safeties! We must work hard to keep them.

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Do whatever you can!

It is important to vote Democratic in this 2022 Election, all the way.

by Diana Rarig