In the Kennett Spotlight:
Emily Foote – UHS Be the Change Award 
This year’s Kennett Area Democrats (KAD) “Be the Change” award winner, Emily Foote, is a young woman with an ambitious agenda: she wants to change the world.
To her credit, she started her quest when she was just thirteen years old. She and her identical twin sister, Allie, both avid soccer players, noticed that the girls’ soccer practice field was substandard and not equal to the boys’ practice field. Instead of accepting the status quo, they wrote a letter to the school principal and subsequently met with him in person to air their complaint. He listened and mandated the teams would alternate their use of the superior soccer practice field. That rule has not changed in five years; it’s still in place today.After realizing what could be accomplished by being proactive, Emily and Allie created the Women Empowerment Club at Unionville High School.  One of the club’s activities was to volunteer for Wings for Success, a program that supplies professional business attire to women who do not have the financial means to purchase appropriate clothes for job interviews. As a result of her work with Wings for Success, the Longwood Rotary chose her to receive their Youth Leadership Award in 2020. Emily was also chosen as a student ambassador for Unite for Her, an organization that promotes breast cancer awareness.

It is clear that Emily believes in working to ensure equality and women’s rights, but her greatest passion is reserved for the environment. “Cows are responsible for 7% of our greenhouse gas emissions,” she reports, so she and her family no longer consume red meat. She’s even been successful in getting several of her friends’ families to eat no more than one hamburger a week per person.

Both Emily and Allie have recently graduated from Unionville High School and will enter Vassar College this fall, where Emily will major in Environmental Science and Allie will major in Biology. Throughout her teenage years, Emily has incrementally worked with confidence and determination to achieve her dream of changing the world. She can do it! Just you wait!

~ Brenda Mercomes