I have written this column for the last four years.  With this writing, I pass the baton to KAD’s newly elected Chair, Wayne Braffman.

I have written about why I am proud to be a Democrat.  I have written about what being a Democrat means to me.  I have urged everyone to express their voices regularly, particularly in the voting booth, and to encourage their friends and neighbors, anyone who they can potentially influence, to do likewise.  I finish with one final request.

Please stay active or get involved if you have not already.  We must be vigilant, visible and vocal. We must continue to work hard to register new voters and to get an ever-increasing number of voters to the polls each and every election.  Elections matter.  This is now more obvious than ever.  We are on the right side of history.  Climate change is not a hoax.  Women’s rights are human rights.  Health care is a right not a privilege.  Diplomacy before bombs is always the best policy.

My sincere thanks to everyone for all you do and most importantly for all you will do as we build our future together.

Dick Bingham
Outgoing KAD Chair