I can identify with the Atlanta Falcons.  I am sure they felt this morning (Feb. 6) like I felt when I woke up Nov. 9.  I could not comprehend what had just happened and why.  I was utterly stunned.  But we do not live in an “alternative facts” universe.  The Falcons lost, Trump won.

A football game is just a point in time event with no consequence on our lives but not so with the election of the 45th POTUS.  Our duty now is to stay VIGILANT, VISIBLE and VOCAL.  We must speak up against injustice, bad Executive Orders, unqualified appointees and ill-conceived State and Federal legislation.  We are organizing KAD to do just that.  We are intensifying our efforts to:

  • Strengthen our communication tools and messages
  • Establish “Rapid Response” networks to direct our concerns (and support as appropriate) to our representatives in Washington and Harrisburg in a timely manner.
  • Develop the tools and techniques needed to improve our ability to persuade voters to support our candidates in future elections.

We not only welcome but also encourage your help and involvement.  Follow us on Facebook and on our website (www.kennettareademocrats.com), email us with your thoughts and ideas (info@kennettareademocrats.com) and join us at our monthly meetings (see Calendar of Events here or our website for dates, times and location).

I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you soon at one of our meetings.

Dick Bingham
KAD Chair