Susan Rzucidlo’s campaign slogan is so clever: “The z is silent–she is not!” Clever and, yes, true! She is definitely a woman who speaks her mind. And that lack of silence is good for the people of PA’s 158th Legislative District.

A native of Chester County, Susan is a graduate of Kennett High School, as is her father, husband, and her four children. Those four children range in age from 19 to 26; one of those children is on the autism spectrum and inspired her desire to help other families with disabled children.  As a result, she collaborated with Chief Kevin McCarthy to create the Pennsylvania Premise Alert system, a disability support program. This program has helped Pennsylvania families with children with disabilities to utilize services without any burden on the Commonwealth’s taxpayers.

While Susan’s not silent, she is certainly perseverant. She has run for the Pennsylvania State House for the last three election cycles: 2010, 2012, 2014, and now 2016. One of the signature features of her campaign is to knock on the doors at people’s homes, tell them who she is, what’s she’s running for and why.

One of those “why’s” is her plan to improve Pennsylvania public higher education. She wants to eliminate the Keystone Exam as a graduation mandate, but make sure that students are ready to graduate.  Susan also wants to strengthen community colleges and embrace students who are drawn to trade or apprenticeship programs. Her ultimate goal for higher education is to make the system strong, lessen the focus on standardized testing, and produce a well-educated Pennsylvania electorate.

Allow me to offer some election year advice: If Susan knocks on your door, open it and listen. You’ll be happy you did!

Submitted Brenda Mercomes