We are all Democrats and we share one singular, all-consuming goal: winning every race in November.

And that is within our grasp. Ironically, though, the biggest obstacle to our success may very well be ourselves.

If we are to win, we can’t afford to attack candidates in April who might be our nominees in November. We can’t afford to give Republicans the ammunition that they will use to defeat us.

And that is why I am asking all candidates to take this pledge:

‘Defeating Republicans on November 3rd is more important than my winning on April 28th. Therefore, I pledge that neither I, my campaign, nor my surrogates will engage in negative attacks against my Democratic Primary Election opponent that might harm his/her chances in the General Election should he/she be our candidate.’

You need to demand that all candidates publicly take this pledge.

You need to demand that our candidates run positive campaigns that focus on their own credentials, positions and electability, and refrain from any mention of their Democratic opponents other than to compare/contrast positions on issues.

But doing that doesn’t get you off the hook! You know why? Candidates use negative campaign tactics because they work.

So you need to take a pledge, too:

‘I pledge that I will not vote for any Democratic candidate who uses negative tactics against his/her opponent in the Primary Election campaign.’

And you need to let our candidates know how you feel.

It will take a unified Democratic Party to win in November.

Let’s start right now!

Wayne Braffman, Chair