Dear Friends & Neighbors,

I’m writing to thank you for voting today.

If you haven’t yet cast your ballot, the polls and drop boxes are open until 8 o’clock tonight…but please don’t wait!

Go as soon as you can, and leave yourself extra time. Again, the polls close at 8pm.

If you still have your mail-in ballot, I urge you to bring it to a drop box. It’s safe and your vote will be counted. You can go to go to either:

* 9am – 8pm: Kennett Library, 216 East State Street, Kennett Square

* 9am – 8pm: AvonGrove Library, 117 Rosehill Avenue, West Grove

* now – 8pm:: Chester County Government Services Building, 601 Westtown Road, West Chester

Although I don’t recommend it because it increases the waiting time for other voters, you may also bring your ballot with its official postage-paid return envelope to your polling place, surrender it to the Judge of Elections, and you will be issued a new ballot so you can vote in person.

If you requested a mail-in ballot but it never arrived, go to your polling place and tell the poll workers inside what happened. You will be allowed to vote in person, but you will have to complete a form for what is known as a ‘provisional ballot.’

Bottom line: It doesn’t matter how you vote, as long as you vote!

Again, thank you so much for voting.

You are what Democracy looks like.

This is how we #FinishTheJob2020!

Wayne Braffman, Chair
Kennett Area Democrats