My hope was to be exclaiming our wins of November 2nd by week’s end. Our system of checks and balances for voting integrity claimed the days and now weeks following the election. All legal votes have been counted with a smatter of provisional and write-in ballots being scrutinized. By all measures, it appears we have WON all of our County-wide seats for Row Offices and the Court of Common Pleas.

Congratulations to our Court of Common Pleas victors:
Alita Rovito
Tony Verwey
Congratulations to our Row Office winners:
Treasurer, Patricia Maisano
Controller, Margaret Reif
Coroner, Sophia Garcia-Jackson
Clerk of Courts, Yolanda Van de Krol

At the municipal level our 22 precincts and 9 municipalities saw mostly wins for mayors, township supervisors, school directors, tax collectors, and JOE and IOE. Check out the Election Results section for your precinct/municipality results. Some races are very close there may still be challenges.

Congratulations to those who won and those who ran. All of our local candidates ran honest campaigns which make them true winners in integrity and worthy of our support.

What next? While we can check off the win box in this election, the races were CLOSE! While we in KAD and Chester County could check win boxes for our fine state-wide Democratic candidates it was not enough to carry the state. In 2022, where the stakes will be incredibly higher for Governor, US Senate, US Congress, and State House representatives, it will be an all-hands-on-deck campaign season.

Elections are won when ALL OF US participate. I thank all of you who voted on November 2nd, but be aware it comprised less than 50% of eligible voters. We need to do better, and I am calling upon each of you to pledge to bring another person with you at the next election.





Carol Catanese
KAD Chair