In many ways, the election this year is really about 2020, redistricting of House and Senate boundaries. After the 2020 census, a commission to redraw PA’s state House and Senate districts will be formed. There will be five members. Four seats will be for the leaders of the House and Senate of both parties. The State Supreme Court will appoint the fifth person.
That’s right! The State Supreme Court will appoint the fifth member of the five member commission to determine the boundary lines for PA’s House and Senate districts. If the Supreme Court has a majority of Democrats, which we can achieve by electing our three candidates this year, it will most likely appoint a Democrat to the fifth seat. Can we expect the elimination of “safe seats” for Republicans with a 3-2 Democratic majority on the commission? It would certainly go a long way toward achieving this goal. Further, the State Supreme Court justices will hear any appeal regarding the redrawn lines.
Who do you want to be on the Supreme Court to determine the legality of the redistricting lines – Democrats or Republicans? Republican orchestrated gerrymandering in 2010 contributed to the election of 119 Republican Reps while only 84 Democratic Representatives got elected, even though there are a million more Democrats in PA. In the Senate, Democrats captured only 19 seats compared to the Republicans’ 30 seats.
REDISTRICTING in 2020 will be determined by the State Judicial elections in 2015! Please vote for the entire Democratic ballot on November 3 and put 3 more Democrats (Kevin Dougherty, Christine Donohue, and David Wecht) on the Supreme Court; Alice Beck Dubow on the Superior Court; and Mike Wojcik on the Commonwealth Court. Your support of these judicial candidates this year may determine federal and state Democratic legislative prospects though 2030.
Acknowledgement: Sally Lyall, Chair of the Lancaster County Democratic Committee, was my source for the information in this article.