I have had an opportunity recently to participate in several group discussions about why I am a Democrat, why I gravitate naturally to the core values of the Democratic Party. In the end I have come to summarize my thoughts this way: I believe in a government that works for all people, providing fairness, equality, opportunity, freedom, truth and justice for everyone. I also happen to be a scientist. These beliefs coupled with my scientific training lead me to the following conclusions:
1. Quality health care does not equal privilege
2. Environmental protection does not equal free market decision making
3. Foreign policy does not equal
  • Benghazi investigations
  • Benjamin Netanyahu
  • Boots on the ground before exhaustive diplomacy

4. Immigration reform does not equal deportation

5. Climate does not equal weather
6. Women’s health does not equal
 government intervention
7. Public safety does not equal a right to buy a gun without a background check
8. Global competitiveness does not equal
 infrastructure neglect
9. Energy independence does not equal
 environmental strafing
10. Personal freedom intolerance of religious, racial, ethnic or lifestyle differences
11. Quality education socio-economic discrimination
12. Corporations do not equal persons
13. Fair taxation does not equal tax loopholes for the rich
14. Campaign finance reform does not equal the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision
15. Leadership does not equal
 constant obstruction
Does anyone believe that all or even any of the does not equals should be replaced with equals? I would love to hear your thoughts. Otherwise, please vote for Democrats in the May 19 primary and again in the general election on Nov. 3.
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Dick Bingham Chair, Kennett Area Democrats